Flat Black Coffee Co. gladly extends open arms to others with a passion for fine coffee and teas, exceptional hospitality practices and an understanding of the ethics behind our sourcing and training. We offer training and information on our company in bulk and by the cup at many levels to ensure that your business is able to benefit at the highest level with the worlds finest coffees. If you would like to speak with our wholesale department please fill out our contact form located on the bottom right of the page.
Flat black coffee offers beans and teas in bulk packaging to maintain freshness in a cafe or service environment and also in retail packaging that looks great on the shelf! Your coffee is roasted side by side with our own; there are no hidden large scale operations at Flat Black Coffee, each small batch receives the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence as the last.


Flat Black Coffee works with Rancilio Professional Espresso Equipment, Bunn Commercial beverage Products and Fetco coffee brewing to ensure our partners and friends are equipped to handle any flow of customers with some of the most reliable and precise coffee preparation machines available.


Our customers which range from fine grocers to cafes, private office cafes and even hotels benefit from our training program which encompasses everything from hospitality standards and coffee preparation to machine calibration and troubleshooting. We do have a minimum required amount of learning so that you can taste the truly excellent coffee we offer; beyond that we offer specialty training on everything from latte art and manual extraction methods and theory to a sensory and tasting training designed by Co-Founder Jennifer House who has been a certified Q-Grader (Arabica).


We welcome you to enjoy a world of fine Coffee!